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    Gary Kaplan featured on Women’s Health Magazine

    21 Jul, 2014
    The Mystery of Chronic Pain, Solved
    by Donna Beech,, July 21, 2014
    Unrelenting agony with no clear cause has long baffled doctors. According to the new book Total Recovery, a fixable glitch in your brain could be to blame.

    Lindsay Burkett, 23, had the job of her dreams: working on Capitol Hill as a congressional aide. Grueling 12- to 15-hour days were the norm, but she thrived in… Read more »

    Book cover - small

    Wall Street Journal Reviews “Total Recovery”

    07 Jul, 2014
    How Mainstream Medicine Is Stepping Out of the Mainstream
    by Laura Landro,, June 30, 2014

    Total Recovery: Solving the Mystery of Chronic Pain and Depression offers a glimpse into the nontraditional practices that are working their way into mainstream medicine.

    Integrative medicine is a hot topic in health care these days, as even the most traditional providers offer alternative and complementary… Read more »

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    What I Know About Healing Chronic Pain From 29 Years Of Treating Patients

    20 Jun, 2014
    7 Tips For Living With Chronic Pain
    There are over 100 million Americans suffering with chronic pain. Unfortunately, we’re not that great at treating it.

    We may be unsuccessful in treating chronic pain because the way we’ve thought about where it comes from is all wrong. Research now demonstrates that chronic pain is frequently a symptom of inflammation in the brain. Finding a cure requires that we… Read more »

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    The Science of Breathing (Pranayama) and Its Positive Effects on Health

    10 Jun, 2014
    Life is stressful, especially in the hustle and bustle of an East Coast metropolitan area. Stress is an inevitable part of life and will always be there, so our response to stress is a key factor in maintaining good health. I plan to explore healthy ways to live with stress, by focusing on breathing techniques called Pranayama that can help to change our negative response to stress.

    What is Allostatic Load?

    We… Read more »

    Rodale PainGut

    Dr. Kaplan Answers Your Chronic Pain Questions

    03 Jun, 2014
    Dr. Gary Kaplan, pain expert and author of ‘Total Recovery,’ answers your fibromyalgia, muscle pain, and endometriosis questions.
    by Gary Kaplan, DO, for Rodale News, May 2014

    Dr. Gary Kaplan, author of Total Recovery: Solving the Mystery of Chronic Pain and Depression, answered questions that Rodale News readers submitted through our Facebook page and by email. We hope this information from Dr. Kaplan… Read more »

    Rebecca Berkson

    Acupuncture for Allergies

    23 May, 2014
    Spring means warm weather, blooming flowers, and outdoor activities for most people but for those suffering from allergic rhinitis or “hay fever”, it means the return of familiar but unwelcome symptoms. One in five people in the United States has some type of allergy whether they are environmental allergies such as trees, grass, or pollen, or indoor allergies like dust, animal dander and molds.

    In Chinese… Read more »

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dr KaplanGary Kaplan, D.O. is the founder and medical director of the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine and author of Total Recovery. A pioneer and leader in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Kaplan is one of only 19 physicians in the country to be board-certified in both Family Medicine and Pain Medicine. Dr. Kaplan is a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine and serves on the Advisory Committee to Health and Human Services for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For more information, visit

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17 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Doctor to Treat Your Chronic Pain

Finding a top physician to treat your pain and illness can be a tricky business, and it’s important not to make a mistake that could waste time and risk your health. I created this Consumer Guide to help you with the process. Please accept it with my compliments.

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The Total Recovery Toolkit offers supplemental materials related to the information in Gary Kaplan's latest book - Total Recovery - including a 3-part multimedia video presentation on the Gut-Brain Connection, an 8-minute autogenic meditation instruction, a Health Diary to track potential problem areas of your diet, and a Health Timeline, to help identify if/when a cumulative problematic health pattern has emerged. It also includes a free consumer guide - "17 Things to Know Before Selecting a Physician to Treat Your Chronic Pain." Finding a top physician to treat your pain can be a tricky business, and it's important not to make a mistake that could waste time and risk your health. This guide can help you to make the right choices.